How to spoof location on android for pokemon go

Want to know how to spoof location on android for pokemon go, then continue. You may familiar with different GPS based application which allows you to track your exact location. But, today we will talk about an application which will hide your present location and protect you from tracking your current location. Even it provides a false location. The application is FLY GPS which is a Location Faker application. By install latest version fly gps 4.0.5 apk after download using the link, any location you can choose as per your expectation with free of cost.

Few of us know how to finds a way to fake our location while playing games. Using FLY GPS is another alternative to fake our location while playing games. It helps us playing so many games which are completely based on location tracking such as Pokemon GO. This type of game is not playable in all country. Persons who are staying a country where this type of game is not playable or who travels different places can play that type of games by showing required location instead of present location by using FLY GPS. Suppose, a game require a place in USA and you want to play this game.  By using this application without any charge, you can play that game. It will not be a matter whether you are present in USA or not.

Android users can use this fantastic Fly GPS Apk, to use this application, you will not require to root your android device but your device require Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you must have to allow Unknown Sources option on your Android device.

This application provides you three type of mode Fixed Location mode, Joystick Location Mode and Joystick Location Mode-(Pokemon). Fly GPS generates false location in fixed location mode. Whereas on screen joystick location mode  provides a fake moves for the players as we know that player has to move one place to another place while playing Pokemon go. Player will not have to roam around the nearby location physically for the rare Pokemon, Pokestops, or search and catch Pokemon. Player can play the game sitting in his comfortable chair in his room. Just install the application and select location you want and spoofed your original location before launching Pokemon. You will find Pokemon character at that selected location.

spoof location on android for pokemon go
spoof location on android for pokemon go

To use this application you must be intelligent enough and you must need to use your own common sense. You will have to face soft ban by Niantic servers if you relocate your Pokemon character frequently, relocate it within cities within a minutes.