Speccy for windows 10 8 7 XP

Speccy for windows 10 8 7 XP
Speccy for windows 10 8 7 XP

Speccy by Piriform is a heavy powerful software which can provide you information regarding your computers both software and hardware. As you download this application, it spontaneously scans the computer and shows the data in an excellent organized way which will not take more than a minute. The application process where there are many options waiting for you revolve around the summary, CPU, motherboard, graphics, RAM, operating system, hard drives, optical drives, audio, peripherals and network.  This app enables you to get the control of user accounts, firewall notification level, windows defender, windows automatic updates, antivirus, environmental variables, uptime statistics, power profile, scheduler, hot fixes, process list, system, folder, services and device tree. You will also be able to find out the information about threads, CPU cores, technology, packages, specification, fan speed, hyper threading, average temperature, Ram memory slots, as well as physical memory and SPD modules. Adding on that you can also see the manufacturers of motherboard, model, chipset vendor, BIOS, system temperature, PCI, voltage, graphics monitor, current performance standard, shaders, technology and many more things. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to read SMART data on the hard drives, sounds card information, keyboard, playback devices, mouse, printers, WIFI, current TCP links and many more. The app utilizes a low to medium amount of system resources, including online information and allows taking snapshots and exporting data to an XML or TXT file. It also has a search strategy at your disposal and you will be able to alter the interface language, temperature units and automatic update option

Special Features of new version-
– Enhanced support for the Intel Skylake and Broadwell processors
– High compatibility for windows 10
– Developed peripheral and network adaptor detection
– Improved detection algorithm for hardware detection
– Updated language support and localization
– Developments of minor GUI
– Fixing minor bug

Speecy is absolutely awesome software which provides you what it says and what you need as discussed above. You don’t have to be an expert though you should have enough knowledge to understand the displayed data and to support you understanding the data the net is full of information on each single hardware and software.

Download Speccy for windows 10 8 7 XP

It is an awesome portable tool which provides you with significant data on your system and we are undoubtedly highly recommending to use Speccy on your computer. Get the tool using the page that we listed below –


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