How to root android without pc using Towelroot

How to root android without pc using Towelroot: Before rooting android device we feel tense regarding consequence of rooting. We think we would not be successful and would stuck in middle as we don’t know everything about rooting.

In this regard it would be helpful If we have any application/automated tools that could help us in successful rooting our device without any hassle and technical knowledge isn’t it. To overcome the issue and to raise our confidence, Gorge Hotz, a popular hacker and developer designed Towelroot a 100 kilobytes small tool which can root almost all Android phone within a few seconds, just in a one click. Even your phone does not require to connect to a computer or to install any further software, not even to restart your android devices. Just run the application and hit the button ‘make it ra1n’.

Before installing this application and rooting your android device several warning issues will pop up like Towelroot will break the integrity of your Android device or you will not get any support from phone developers, your warranty agreement will breach. Just ignore it and install the application. But, Check which versions of the Towelroot are compatible with Android devices and try to install latest version as it will provide more comfort. And check the option “Accept downloads from third party sources/unknown sources” in setting of your devices. This Towelroot software is free of cost and user friendly.

root android without pc using Towelroot
root android without pc using Towelroot

It is better to download this popular one-click rooting app’s installer file towelroot apk using the link. It is not available in Google Play store as it is not a application approved by Google. Some devices get restarted when we hit the button ‘make it ra1n’ and towelroot will unable to root that device. To check whether your have successfully rooted your android device or not, install “Root Checker”. Use of Towelroot and root of android device by Towelroot is as easy as installing an application. Install the application and enjoy the power of rooted android.