Play a regal MMO title king of avalon: dragon warfare

Diandian interactive holding has released popular multiplayer war game- King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare which is basically a real time strategy game offered as free for Android users. The target of this game is to conquer a kingdom with the power of armies, dragons, horse and alliance. You will have the chance to be king if you train your dragon, powerful troops to fight against monsters and enemies. You will have to build a city, including farms and sawmills, military tents and hospitals, and upgrade them to make them more powerful and stronger. You have to conduct research in combating development, kingdoms economy and defense. If you want you can play king of avalon pc game by reading the page.

Your king must be strong, patience, must survive every stage of game. Your stage of advancement in the game will be reflected in power of mighty dragon that is the key to rule your kingdom. In the lifetime of this game, you will have only one fire-breathing dragon and you have to train to upgrade his skills to become winner of the game.

King of Avalon: dragon warfare

You will have to collect or win resources in the form iron and silver from farms, wood, sawmills, food, and mines from different cities in the kingdom to increase defense against enemies. Defeating monsters and attacking cities and enemies will provide your more and more resources. It is always good, if you are able to form a alliance, to form a big empire with the support of other players, to share resources in different stage of the game. Collecting gold and paying them will speed ups and shorten the time needed in upgrading buildings, training troops, marching to gather resources, attacking enemies in free MMO game.

The background of the game is mythical story of heroic figure king Arthur who is murdered by traitorous and his kingdom is in violent disturbance. Excalibur – The legendary sword of King Arthur must be claim and lifted by new hero before any enemies does to honor king Arthur and his Knights and to revive his glorious role and to become true king once more in his Avalon kingdom. Just survive first against the enemies, supernatural force beyond imagination, dark magic and get support from mighty dragon, Priestess and become strong king.