Play PS4 games remotely on any android device

Want to know how to play PS4 games remotely on android phone or tablet, then you have came to right page. Sony has already allowed it’s users to play PS4 games on so many interconnected devices like Play Station Vita, Play station TV and Xperia device. On these devices you don’t need to wait for device ID check, a root constraint, and a Wi-Fi limitation. But playing using any android powered device would be even interesting and lots of gamers desired it from a long ago. Now it’s possible by an xda-developers member, who applied Xperia devices app and remove some parts that bounded its usability. With this Remote Play app, you can enjoy all your most preferred PS4 games on any android devices.

The app permits users to enjoy PlayStation4 games on nearly any android smartphone or tablet whether it’s rooted or non-rooted. To enjoy this feature you need to own a Sony PlayStation 4 console, android device running minimum Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or upper versions. Once you got all just complete the followings –

Setting for PlayStation 4 (console and games)

  1. Hit “Settings” option on home screen
  2. Select the “Remote Play Connection Settings”
  3. Select “Enable Remote Play” option

Settings for your android device

To use remote play feature, you must install ps4 remote play app on your android device. Please go through following steps

  1. Download and install ps4 remote play apk on your android device like other apk installation process.
  2. The app will ask you to connect with DualShock controller. Just “Skip” the option as it does not work. It must be installed manually.
  3. Then sign into your PlayStation account in next module from your android device using your PS4 ID and password.

Now you will find game play interface and regular options (virtual joystick) in your android screen. Just rotate your device and enjoy the landscape mode. Landscape mode provides more controlling than portrait user interface

Pairing a PS4 Controller with Android Device

DualShock controller pairing solution does not work in the app that we mention above. But, you can pair a controller manually.

  1. Press and hold the “PS” and “Share” buttons on PS4 Controller and wait for light blinking in back side
  2. Open Bluetooth in android device
  3. Pair the “Wireless Controller” in your Bluetooth setting

Now you can enjoy PS4 games using remote play app with a DualShock controller.

ps4 remote play app
ps4 remote play app

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