Epub reader for windows 10 Download

For book lovers, Epub reader for Windows 10 could be the best solution to read E-book on computer. Most Epub reader supports all types of standard E-book format like PDF, XHTML, CBR, CBZ, XPS, mobi, and XML-based formats. Most of us use Adobe Reader to read PDF documents or E-books, but if you are a regular reader, you might know that Adobe reader is not so suitable for hour-long reading. However, if you are a book addicted guy and used to read tons of E-books on your laptop or windows phone, you must need an Epub reader which contains exceptional functionality to let you read easily like a real paper book. Recently, Book Viser Inc. introduced significant windows Epub reader app named “Bookviser Reader” for book lovers to fulfill their requirements. If you know the details of Bookviser Reader, you can’t wait to install it. So, let’s know the detail about it.

BookViser Reader – Epub reader for windows 10

BookViser comes with a nice looking and easy user interface with tons of unique and interesting features. Let’s know little bit about them
– Supports Epub, Txt, FB2, formats. If you get tired of reading, BookViser will read for you because it contains text- to-speech feature.
– Allows you to import E-books from Browser and E-mail along with your local hard disk.
– BookViser is not only an Epub reader; you can use it is an E-book browser or Downloader because you can Download thousands of free and paid E-books from integrated public inventories like Feedbooks, Smashword.
– You can choose any available font types of your device to read books in BookViser. Moreover, you can adjust font size and line spacing
– Includes both day and night color themes.
– On/Off full-screen mode feature with page turning animation feature.
– Bookmarking, highlighting, and note option to keep trails of previous reading.
– Find option to search any text or word from the book you are reading. Moreover, there is an option get word definition from google.
– You can also translate a couple of words or sentences by the installed translator on your device. All you need to do is selecting the text and share it with the bing or google translator.
– You can also publish any text or quote to facebook/twitter directly from any book.
– You can also sync your books in BookViser’s cloud storage after a free registration. So, you can read your favorite books anytime from multiple windows device.

You can download BookViser reader using the link

BookViser Reader - Epub reader for windows 10
BookViser Reader – Epub reader for windows 10

Except the described features, you will also find few other features which can get from the in-app purchase. So, what do you think? Shouldn’t you try it? It is available in Windows Store and compatible with Windows 8,8.1,10. Moreover, don’t worry about low-end PC/mobile because this app is very lightweight.