Apache OpenOffice for windows 10 8 7 XP

Apache OpenOffice for windows
Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 is now available to download absolutely free for Windows with extraordinary user-friendly new features. Apache OpenOffice for Windows 10 8 7 XP is the long-standing competitor of Microsoft office has recently released improved new features. The new version 4.1.2 comes with the stability fixes, fixing the bugs and increased qualities which include also the following
– Fixing the bug in Calc, Writer, Draw/Impress, Base
– Improved and better file locking and WebDAV support: This new version is capable of interacting perfectly with Microsoft SharePoint. These developments were financed and kicked in upstream, by the Emilia – Romagna in Italy, where the OpenOffice was taken over a few years back.
– Redesigning of the PDF dialog for enhanced performance on notepad or small laptop
– A new system for underlying libraries for improved usability and security.
-Solving the security threats including CVE-2015-1774: Out-of-Bounds Write in HWP File Filter, CVE-2015-4551: Targeted Data Disclosure, CVE-2015-5212: ODF Printer Settings Vulnerability, CVE-2015-5213: DOC Document Vulnerability, CVE-2015-5214: DOC Bookmarks Vulnerability.

Support for Language:
The OpenOffice is supporting 41 languages in this new version which also updated translation for Italian and dictionaries for British, American and Canadian also Portuguese pt-PT.

Extra Support Platform:
Binaries are still delivered for the fo the exact platforms similar to the OpenOffice4.1.1: Windows, Mac OS X, linux32-bit and 64-bit (RPM and DEB)
System fixes are built as OpenOffice can now be structured on modern Linux distributions.
It has the features that permit for an out of the box build on FreeBSD.
It also has developments that permit for an out of the box build on OS/2

Deleted Features:
Backing up the old .hwp file format has been removed. It was a scarcely used format invented with the model of the program called “Hangul word Processor” before 1997. Becuase of this the effect will be very ignoble and the few users those who still using .hwp format can convert to ODF using Apache 4.1.1 prior to an upgrade.

Download Apache OpenOffice for windows 10 8 7 XP

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 is a complete package of office programs such as word processor program, spreadsheet program, database program, presentation and graphics suits and all of them are packed with great features which also compatible with Microsoft-based environments. You can download this Open Source productivity suite using the link page we included below –

Apache OpenOffice for windows

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